Automatic Doors Are Used for Retail

Installing these types of doors for retail shops has many advantages. Not only do they look great, they have a host of functional purposes too.

Automatic doors are operated by various sensors and the placement of these sensors is vital to ensure correct operation.

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So, what are the best types of automatic doors?

A swing door is very similar to a hinged door, apart from the automatic system. The operating system that is used in swing doors is the best to ensure that users are extremely unlikely to be harmed if they are hit by the door.

Sliding / folding doors are usually straight or curved and could slide horizontally across the main opening. Click here to buy.

Erreka Ertain 4, Erreka Global 4 & Erreka Telesco Pic 4.

A balanced door is used when space is restricted and you have to be careful of the surroundings. The opening of this type of door is combined with a swing and slide action.

Revolving doors are typically used in areas that have strict appearance requirements, such as hotels, offices and museums. This has a revolving system, hence the name.

Bira E22, Bira E23 & Bira Kyrstal E71.

The construction of automatic doors

Automatic doors are usually constructed from glass and / or metal-framed glass. Find out more here.

The most common materials used are: aluminium, stainless steel or decorated galvanised steel.

The life expectancy of the door is likely to be linked to the materials used, rather than the functionality of the system installed.