Use Laser Cutting for Lower Cost Manufacturing

Laser cutting is a manufacturing process that utilises lasers to cut materials.

It is very precise so can cut out complex shapes without error.
Laser cutting technology is used in industrial manufacturing commonly for metal work.

Laser Cutting from Hutchinson EngineeringWhy Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting is cheaper, faster and can produce individual items or batches.

Laser technology removes the need for multiple operations necessary with other cutting methods.

Without this technology, processes such as punching, mitre cutting, slotting, and drilling were done individually. Now that they can be combined in one process manufacturing time is greatly reduced, which reduces costs.

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Advanced Tube Laser Technology in Birmingham

Laser Tube Cutting technology is able to combine more than six different operations into one process on a single machine.

The machinery can be programmed to cut any size hole on a variety of different materials. The Tube Laser eliminates the need for sawing, deburring, drilling, lining-up and removal operations carried out on traditional equipment. Tube Laser technology is suitable for both one off and large production runs.

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Their experienced team of engineers can design and manufacture your product to a world class standard.

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